Home schooling

Hi i would just like to say that i am very new to this home schooling i have 7 children and i am only home schooling one he is 13 .

I have this theory that as long as i make it fun it will stick in his mind alot better than if i make him sit at a table for hours on end i do want him to be able to go back to school and get his G.C.S.E’s but that is down to him i will not force anything on to him .

I strongly believe that every child is different and oh boy mine all are. Five boys and two girls not one alike !

So back to the homeschooling he loves science so we have done some small projects : slime and  plants so far .He also loves cooking to so he has made cakes and we had a cook of lol . Which we both made lasagna and would see which everyone liked best . We had great fun he thought everyone would like mine since i am mum but to be fair they liked his best as i tried to hide veg in mine and they didn’t like it.

So if any one out there could give me any lesson ideas that would be great i will list what we are or have done i also got him to do his own blog so he can document all his work so the others cant get hold of it.

So far we have done/doing

seed planting

made slime

cake baking

meal cooking

choose a book for a review

going to bake for red nose day

thanks for reading please leave a comment or ideas thanks


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